There you are, excited for the vacation that awaits you…only trouble is, there is a 10 hour flight between you and that vacation.  Here are some essential PLANE ESSENTIALS: FOR HER  to think about before you board your flight:


  • No one wants to arrive at their destination looking like they just crawled out of a suitcase. So make sure what you are wearing doesn’t wrinkle easily.
  • Layer. I suggest layering for many reasons.  As many clothes as you can have on your back, won’t take up room in your suitcase.  Doesn’t matter whether you are traveling to a warm or cold destination, you will have your hot and cold spells when traveling at some point. *NOTE: If you are traveling on a Boeing 747, they can be chilly and you don’t have control of your air conditioning vent*
  • For the long haul, I usually stay away from skinny jeans.
  • Jewelry. Avoid lots of it.  It could potentially stop you at security and that chunky necklace might feel like 10lbs 2hrs into your flight.  I will also note that if you are traveling to/through a 2nd/3rd world country, avoid even bringing your expensive jewelry.  I work with many brides that are excited to show off their wedding finger bling on their honeymoon but I would suggest to keep that sparkly diamond at home or just wear your wedding band.
  • Neutrals.  Just because the fashion trends here in the USA are neons, doesn’t mean they are as easily received in the country you are going to/passing through.  Keep your neons in your suitcase and stick to neutrals for the plane.


  • Leggings and a loose-fitting top are at the top of my long haul travel outfits.
  • Boyfriend jeans cuffed at the bottom with a nice cotton blazer or cardigan is another favorite travel outfit.
  • Scarf.  It is always a good idea to have a heavy or lightweight scarf when traveling. You never know when you are going to have an unexpected chill or want to conceal your face a little when getting that beauty sleep on the plane.
  • Sunglasses & Hats. Best to have them on you and they are convenient for when you step off that dark plane into the glowing sunshine! Hats are hard to pack in a suitcase too.


  • Big fuzzy sox. The shoes are the first things that come off when I am settled in my seat.  However, barefoot is not an option on planes (gross!) and my feet are always cold.  So I pack a pair of fuzzy socks in my carry on.
  • Flip Flops/Sandals.  Often traveling from rainy/cold Seattle to a warmer climate, I forget how hot shoes can be.  So a pair of flip flops usually is the first thing I swap out when I land.
  • Headphones.  Just in case, pack 2 pairs.  The odds of a loud nuisance are high when flying.  Be prepared to drown them out.  Also, I used to be pretty terrified of flying and putting on some loud soothing tunes to drown out weird mechanical plane noises was my savior for a while.
  • Ipad/tablet & USB cord: If you have one, bring it. Besides reading a book (which you can also do on your tablet), this is the greatest invention for long haul flights.  Load up a favorite season of Sex and the City and I’m all set. Most long haul flights these days have a USB port which is great for charging anything from your phone to your computer.
  • Book: Call me old fashioned but this is a great time to get into a good new book.  Great to have for take off and landing as well when you are told to put away all electronics.
  • Watch:  If you don’t wear one, be conscious of time/time change in the air.  My strategies to beating jetlag often revolve around watching the clock.  Being awake when you should and trying to sleep when you should. Mess those two things up and your jetlag could be bad.
  • Medication. Remember to bring any daily medication on board.  Remember when to take it too!  Also, packing a roll of tums isn’t always a bad idea to calm tummies that are nervous or just because the fact that you might be eating things you normally don’t while on the plane.
  • Sleep aids. I don’t sleep well on planes and feel like I have tried everything from Melatonin to nyquil+shot of whisky. All in all, I have given up on all of that.  I usually have a glass of red wine with dinner at the beginning of the flight (because red wine makes me sleepy) and then settle in with my headphones when it is time to sleep.
  • Face Wipes: Battle plane grime. The last hour of your flight, head to the bathroom to wash your face or carry those little moist face wipes for an on the go refresh.
  • Hand Sanitizer: Nuff said.

Keep a good attitude and make the best of your flight; you are going to be there a while. Just a few more hours until you are on that beach!  Remember to drink water and get up to walk around every so often to stretch those legs!